Preparing for a bright and promising future


Nippon Carbide Industries Co., Inc. was founded in October 1935 as a manufacturer of calcium carbide and calcium cyanamide. In the half-century since, we have undergone a complete transformation by fusing our vast experiences and various achievements with our accumulated know-how and advanced technology. Thus our business has been extended into various fields, including the production of electro-chemicals such as caustic soda, and plastics such PVC and melamine resins. We have also commercialised acrylic & vinyl acetate resins and PVC packaging films. Our latest developments include speciality plastic films for outdoor decorative markings and other uses, advanced alumina ceramics for electronic applications, and speciality resins and chemicals which meet various requirements of the information and health / welfare industries. NCI is still continuing reformation of its structure, shifting emphasis particularly form commodity chemicals to speciality chemicals. Within the field of commodity chemicals, we have worked harder to maintain and upgrade our business performance and have thoroughly rationalised our manufacturing processes (e.g. energy, capital and labour savings). In the field of speciality chemicals, we have devoted ourselves single-mindedly to the task of developing a variety of upgraded products and new value-added products through our efficient research and development programs in response to society's changing demands. Since the early years, NCI has been active abroad and has contributed our products and technology to the industrial development of many countries. NCI will now intensify its activity around the world with a global point of view. We are looking into the future with its new and boundless possibilities, creating more new products and systems to complement our existing business. Thus, we advance into the brighter century to come.
Quality in Production and Development